According to the latest report, the dev team of cryptocurrency exchange platform Changelly has launched a new mobile widget: Widget 2.0. This application extension enables its users to trade cryptocurrencies without the need to log into the site of the crypto exchange.

Changelly, the crypto exchange offers trading of more than one hundred and forty digital assets. Moreover, the exchange has previously partnered with many big shots of the crypto market, including Huobi Wallet, Exodus, Binance, MyEtherWallet, Trezor, Ledger and others.

Reportedly, the new widget is adaptable on all the mobile gadgets, and it lets automatic loading of address for Ethereum and other tokens created on the basis of the standards of Ethereum Request for Comments (ERC). The new widget offers many new features including the option of purchasing cryptocurrency for fiat currency, customization of crypto pairs, and locking on the coin which the user chooses to trade.

Furthermore, the dev team of Changelly has made it possible for the users to know about the approximate fee of the network and the crypto exchange’s Terms of Use. Additionally, this new widget will enable the traders to have a look at the transaction stage that it is currently at.

Eric Benz, the CEO of Changelly, stated that the new widget is designed in such a way that users’ requirements are fulfilled. He further stated that with the inclusion of several new features, it is likely that the widget will redefine the interaction among their customers, affiliates, partners, and the crypto exchange.

The four stars rating of the Changelly mobile app and the interest of various platforms in testing the new widget that is developed by Changelly is a telltale sign of the crypto exchange’s popularity and the need for a simple solution for crypto exchanging.

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