TronWatch Market

TRON, the crypto platform that seeks web decentralization, has also created a custom decentralized exchange for its TRX tokens. The DEX exchange, Tron Watch Market, is designed to help and improve TRON’s liquidity. Since this DEX will support all TRON tokens within the network, all tokens will gain from the enhanced exposure that this new platform creates. Below is an in-depth review of Tron Watch Market.

What Is TronWatch Market?

TronWatch Market brings all the advantages of decentralized exchanges to members of the Tron Network. These benefits include secure funds storage with smart contracts, no downtime, no usage of personal information and much cheaper withdrawals. TronWatch Market is a meticulously designed DEX that will enable users to trade all TRON tokens including TRON, TRX20, and TRX10 tokens. All funds within this decentralized exchange will be handled by smart contracts and will never be held by any entity or individual.

What TronWatch Market Decentralized Exchange Proposes

The advantage of having an exchange that is designed by traders is that you get a product that is optimized for trading. Here are some of the main features of this decentralized exchange.

Focus On Improving User Experience

This TWM exchange strives to provide clients with the best possible user experience while retaining the core ideologies of decentralized technologies. The user-friendly experience is achieved through appealing trading charges, integration with most payment services, efficient off-chain offers and support for most languages.

Limit And Market Orders

You will be able to use limit and market orders on this decentralized exchange to execute your trades more frequently, efficiently and successfully.

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Utility Decentralized Apps

Decentralized apps can leverage TronWatch Market’s API to match orders for clients through smart contracts and complete desired actions within one transaction.


Off-chain referrals will be tracked the user will be rewarded with 50% of all trading costs that referral generates, thus encouraging more users to participate in the referral program.

Trading Fees

Fees are essential for any decentralized exchange to fund daily operations. TronWatch Market will charge a meager trading fee, and will also allow clients to buy discounts on their future trading costs. Each maker of a trade will pay 0.025% while the taker will pay 0.1%. Also, clients can also list their tokens on TronWatch Market to reach a wider market. If you want to list your token here, you will have to pay 150,000 TWM.

TronWatch Market TWM Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Name: TronWatch Market (TWM)
  • Type: TRX10 token
  • Price: 0.5TRX per token
  • Hard cap: $5 million
  • Feature unlock: $2 million
  • Soft cap: $270,000
  • The ICO must hit the $270,000 soft cap in order to unlock the next Feature Unlock phase where developers will add even more valuable features.

Token Allocation

  • 5%: Security, dealing with bugs, and bounty campaigns
  • 10%: Marketing
  • 10%: Advisors
  • 25%: Founding team
  • 50%: ICO supply

Proposed ICO Budget

  • 5%: Operations
  • 10%: Launch expenses
  • 15%: Reserve funds
  • 70%: Salaries

TronWatch Market Conclusion

This decentralized exchange that was created for the benefit of the TRON ecosystem will provide one of the most compelling and unique experiences as compared to other decentralized exchanges. All trade maker offers will be held off-chain to provide a faster experience as it will eliminate the requirement of depositing funds. Also, smart contracts will be deployed in all aspects of managing the firm from making deposits and withdrawals to creating orders, trading pairs, approving traders, buying discounts and utility DApps among others

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