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Trump congratulates Sanders on Nevada caucus win

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump is congratulating Bernie Sanders for his Nevada caucus win.

Speaking to reporters before boarding Air Force One en route to India, the president declared it a “great win” for the Vermont senator but added “we’ll see what happens” with the rest of the nomination fight.

Trump added of Sanders, “I don’t care who I run against, I just hope that they treat him fairly.” He went on to say, without proof, that “there’s a lot of bad things going on” and that he hopes it won’t be a “rigged deal” in the primary.

Some of Sanders’ supporters in 2016 charged that the primary was rigged against him, and a portion stayed home on Election Day, which many political observers believe helped contribute to Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton that year. Sanders has said he expects fair treatment from party leadership this cycle.

Trump also weighed in on recent news that Sanders has been briefed by US officials that Russians are working to help his candidacy. The president said that “nobody told me about it” and speculated, without evidence, that the news was a “leak” from Democrats on Capitol Hill because “they don’t want Bernie Sanders to represent them.”


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