WASHINGTON—President Trump said that negotiations have stalled over his attempt to rewrite the North American Free Trade Agreement and that he is no longer in a hurry to overhaul the pact.

At a cabinet meeting on Thursday at the White House, Mr. Trump told the team, including U.S. Trade Representative

Robert Lighthizer,

“don’t do the deal” unless there was a significant breakthrough in talks. He said there currently were no trade talks with Canada.

“I’m in no rush,” Mr. Trump said. “If we don’t have a breakthrough, don’t do the deal.”

Mr. Trump won the 2016 presidential election with a promise to make Nafta “a lot better” for the U.S., or pull out altogether. He has insisted that his team was close to a deal, while also raising issues that could blow up the agreement, such as warning of possible U.S. tariffs on vehicles and auto parts following duties imposed June 1 on steel and aluminum from Canada and Mexico. Trump administration officials have been particularly frustrated with Canada for not making more concessions at the negotiating table.

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