TSA's New Tech Speeds Up Screening Process at Wisconsin Airports – Spectrum News 1

GREEN BAY, Wis. — The Transportation Security Administration has installed new CT scanners at nearly 300 U.S. airports the agency says should speed up the screening process.

The TSA says the scanners provide its agents with 3D scans they can use to see anything inside carry on luggage from 360 degrees.

The new scanners are installed at the Austin Straubel International Airport in Green Bay.

The TSA says the machines should cut down on touch points and lead to fewer physical inspections. The agency says those are great benefits during a pandemic.

Green Bay’s airport director Marty Piette says it’s been quite a year.

“It takes a lot of energy,” he says about managing an airport during a pandemic. “It takes a lot of proactive effort to do that. It would be easy to hide out behind the desk or behind the computer or behind the phone.”

He says instead you’ll often find him roaming the airport making sure things are running smoothly.

“I think it’s important just to be out and about not only with your employees but also your customers just to make sure everybody’s having a good experience,” says Piette.

He says the airport will likely be busier during Thanksgiving week than at any point since the pandemic began.

Because of that, he urges passengers to give themselves plenty of time to get through security before their flight leaves.

“What we’re telling passengers is just plan ahead,” he says. “Check with your airline. Make sure your flight’s are on time. If you have any questions as to what you can bring through security screening go to the TSA’s website.”​

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