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TV Warehouse Shopping Channel in Pledge to Help Small Businesses

TV Warehouse Shopping Channel in Pledge to Help Small Businesses

A TV shopping channel which allows businesses that pay for airtime retain of their income generated from TV sales is aiming to help support SMEs impacted by the current UK lockdown.

TV Warehouse, which is available to watch on Sky TV and Freeview, has been running for almost a decade and reaches around 23 million households every day. It has proved a valuable platform for businesses looking to increase revenue and raise their profiles, with advertising available on the channel for as little as £10 per day. 

However, unlike more widely recognised mainstream TV shopping channels, TV Warehouse does not store goods in warehouses or charge sales commission, so SMEs keep all of the income from TV sales. 

Broadcast since 2012, the channel is also offering a subsidised video production services with access to headline presenters, such as West End actress, singer and dancer Helen Anker and TV and radio host Louise Gookey.

Retails shops and small businesses have been shut nationwide since the third national lockdown was introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic on January 4. Many are reliant on online sales or click and collect services.

TV Warehouse managing director Alan Judd said: “Small businesses in the UK have been massively impacted by the effects of the lockdowns and have had a torrid time so at TV Warehouse, we want to do all we can to throw them a financial lifeline by offering them a unique way for them to get in front of their customers.

“TV Warehouse is broadcast to approximately 23 million people and, with more people staying at home and watching television, these audience figures have continued to rise. We have a range of affordable airtime slots available and can even help businesses, particularly start-ups, with filming a professional video alongside a recognised TV presenter from the channel.”

Mr Judd says mainstream TV shopping channels charge a minimum sales commission of 40 per cent on TV sales and stock is stored on a sale or return basis meaning many companies will lose money or only break even.

“That is not a fair outcome for small businesses, especially in the current climate,” added Mr Judd. “We need to look after small businesses, not rip them off. They are the lifeblood of the UK economy and six million of them make up 99 per cent of all businesses in the UK.

“At TV Warehouse, we do not charge sales commission so businesses that pay the airtime charges retain all their sales revenue. It’s as simple and easy as that – the way it should be.”

For more information about TV Warehouse email or call contact 020 3883 4090

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