TVNET/WRLD1 launches Travel / Leisure / Entertainment Group of Internet TV networks conjoined with its Luxury / Lifestyle / Fashion Group – PRNewswire

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Nathan Sassover, CEO of TVNET INC. today announced the launch of its WRLD1 Travel / Leisure / Entertainment  and Luxury / Lifestyle / Fashion internet TV networks across a diverse range of categories. The Travel / Leisure / Entertainment Group includes:
Private Air Network
AirFlites Network 
Plane Flight Guide
Nevada Network 
Las Vegas News

Automotive Network
Mercedes Network
BentleyRolls Network
Ferrari Network
Lamborghini Network 
Maserati Network
Mclaren Network
Bugatti Network 
Fashion Network 
Luxury Network 
Global Shopping Network

Global TV/Film Guide 
James Bond Network 
eSports Network
 F1 Gaming Network 

Nathan Sassover stated: “The WRLD1 platform’s focus on key industry verticals within high profile destination and category branding evolves our mobile TV platform beyond generic OTT as well as legacy broadcast/cable formats.”  

WRLD1 scope of content optimizes video, text and data presentation and display more aligned with AI derived content flows within an Internet TV netcast platform. The cohesive integration of all elements yields an intuitive and immersive viewer dashboard.

Sassover added: “As the Internet continues to subdivide into a vast amalgam of hyper-targeted mobile TV experiences, high levels of socially driven content, and ever enlarging options our approach is to converge compelling content aggregation and context of presentation within a more dynamic viewing framework.”


■ About TVNET INC.

TVNET has since 2012 evolved its diverse WRLD1 platform, currently at 195 networks on air, in parallel with the enlarging capabilities of its APTVE technology solution. is powered by APTVE: Application Programmed Television Engine-a TVNET mobile netcast architecture enabling AI empowered geocentric networks across the 8 regions of the world. WRLD1 WEBrands marketing affiliate evaluates new opportunities and welcomes proposals for strategic partnering, co-ventures and innovative new Internet venues for development of regional / global editorial, marketing and commerce alliances across the entire platform of networks.



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