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Tweet Buster: An idea to kick off next bull run & how safe is this rupee rally

NEW DELHI: Yes, domestic stocks did snap their three-week winning streak. But if you look at the brighter side, this was more of a global phenomenon than a case of poor Indian macros.

With the rupee completing a spectacular week and oil wallowing at near one-year lows, all in all, it was win-win for the Indian economy; except that it wasn’t.

Now with a new week set to kick in, let’s focus on merry over morose and look at what Sandip Sabharwal of predicts about rupee’s fate.

Sabharwal is of the view that the domestic currency can appreciate to as high as 69 level against the dollar by the end of March, 2019.

But, he is not entirely convinced that the pace with which the rupee is appreciating is healthy. Rather he says: “If the market is starved of liquidity, buying USD and pumping in liquidity is the best.”

In another tweet about the INR, he says the euphoria or panic should be used to take contrarian positions in the market.

Borrowing the China card:

Nilesh Shah of Kotak Mutual Fund took to Twitter to share how China is going all out to attract FII flows. Is it time India followed suit and borrowed a leaf from its neighbour’s book?

But even if we fail to learn from China, there’s always a chance to benefit of China. With the US-China trade war still raging, there just might be a big window of opportunity for India to capture. See how!

Not so independent?

One stock that created quite a flutter this week was YES Bank following back-to-back high profile resignations, including that of two independent directors. Given this development, Samir Arora decided to share a piece of his mind on the same.

Learn with experts:

Each week as the top D-Street names take to Twitter to share their learnings, there is a lesson for every investor: Take a look at today’s tips and tricks to be able to navigate the future better.

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No place for regret

Excel doesn’t mean you’ll excel

Just dumb or lucky?

Experiment & adapt

Good, bad or ugly?

Bond with PSU Banks?


To top off today’s piece, here’s a bit of advice Samir Arora has for the government for the next Budget to kick off a bull run in the market. Take a look!


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