Two-headed SNAKE with DOUBLE BITE discovered in woman’s garden

The almost Satanic serpent was found with both heads moving independently.

The gruesome discovery was made by Stephanie Myers who said: “I wanted to look away but couldn’t stop looking at it.”

The rare two-headed eastern copperhead was found to be only two weeks old, surviving on a diet of insects.

Virginia Wildlife Management and Control stepped in to come take away the six inch snake, before uploading pictures to Facebook.

One person commented on the image: “This is what nightmares are made of.”

Another person said: “Mutant copperhead, I would faint twice.”

The snake, found in Richmond, Virginia, in the United States, was taken to the Wildlife Center of Virginia so experts could radiograph the beast and see how it could function with two heads.

Experts stated both heads of the weird creature are capable of delivering a venomous bite, but snake expert JD Kleopfer said its chances of survival are slim as creatures with two heads die young as both heads “want to do different things”.

Mr Kleopfer added: “The left head has the dominant oesophagus and the right head has the more developed throat for eating.”

He wrote on Facebook: “Wild bicephalic snakes are exceptionally rare, because they just don’t live that long.

“Too many challenges living day to day with two heads.

“With a little luck and care, we hope to eventually donate it to a zoological facility for exhibit.

“It’s currently being cared for by a private reptile keeper with lots of experience in breeding and rearing vipers.”

Copperhead snakes are extremely venomous and pose a huge risk to humans, according to Gerald O’Malley, professor of emergency medicine and toxicology at Grand Stand Medical Centre in Myrtle Beach.

He said: “They inject venom, which causes tissue destruction and platelet loss, which causes bleeding and can cause death.”


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