Uber Partners with Rosetta Stone to Facilitate Better Customer /Driver Communication

Uber Partners with Rosetta Stone to Facilitate Better Customer / Driver Communication

Ride-hailing apps have taken the world by storm. And while services such as Uber have become a way of life in countries such as the UK and the US, they are also growing in popularity in the Netherlands and other European countries. The company, which started its operations in the Netherlands in 2012, is not widely available across the country’s five main cities.

In an effort to improve customer experience, Uber has partnered with Rosetta Stone to offer free language courses to its drivers. The lessons, which are available through the Uber Driver app, are free for both Uber and Uber Eats drivers with a Gold, Platinum or Diamond status. The company hopes that the move will go a long way to solving its driver shortage problem in some locations.

The drivers are able to use the app to learn any of its 24 languages. The feature even offers lessons that go over typical ride-sharing scenarios, states “The app is aimed at Uber drivers who are immigrants and may have limited local language skills. In addition, drivers who speak multiple languages — no matter how basic the level — are also likely to get more positive reviews from customers,” the website states.

Uber says it is fully aware that its drivers may be looking for other job opportunities while viewing the ride-hailing app as a temporary career.  As such, the language program also aims to give drivers the skills to find other jobs. Uber drivers who take advantage of the app are able to ask for an achievement letter that they can use when applying for other positions. Such letters also outline each driver’s customer rating, the number of trips completed and the best customer feedback they have received.

The release of the language app comes on the heels of a partnership between Uber and Rosetta Stone that gave the hailing ride app’s customers reward points for language learning through Uber’s rewards program. Upon earning a certain number of points, Uber’s customers received a month of free of Rosetta Stone’s language lessons.

While Uber drivers are generally classified as independent contracts, which means that they do not receive the benefits of salaried employees, they are often awarded certain perks. In the US, for instance, one of these includes free tuition at the Arizona State University.

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