UK and France reach truce to end ‘scallop war’

The “scallop war” has come to an end after the UK agreed not to fish in French waters in return for a “reasonable compensation package”.

Last week fighting broke out between French and British fishermen, who are bound by different rules when it comes to harvesting scallops in the English Channel.

Seamen allegedly hurled rocks and smoke bombs, as French fishermen protested against what they see as British overfishing of the prized Normandy scallops known as “coquille Saint-Jacques”.

The British and French sides held talks on Wednesday in the hope of finding an agreement to the dispute.

In a joint statement, they said: “The UK and French fishing industries and governments held constructive talks today about scallop fishing in the eastern Channel including Baie de Seine.”

“An agreement on the principles of a deal has been reached.

“The previous agreement involving the UK 15m and over fleet will be renewed.

“In addition, there is agreement in principle for UK under-15m vessels to be included in the deal. This is subject to a reasonable compensation package, the details of which will be defined in Paris on Friday.

“In the meantime, there is a voluntary agreement for all UK vessels to respect the French closure period in the Baie de Seine.”

On Monday, France said its navy was standing ready to intervene if clashes broke out again.


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