South Korea has recorded its sharpest increase in infections from the virus in a single day, with 594 new cases confirmed on Friday.

This brings the number of cases in the country to 2,931, including 17 deaths.

It has seen the highest number of confirmed cases outside China, where the outbreak started.

The South Korean army has been mobilised in the worst-hit region, as soldiers disinfect large parts of the city.

The rapid spread of the virus in has been linked to the Shincheonji Church Christian sect.

Authorities believe members infected one another during services in Daegu before transmitting it to swathes of others.

The church, which refuses to provide health officials with a full list of its members, says it is being unfairly targeted for criticism.

Meanwhile, in neighbouring North Korea, leader Kim Jong-un has warned of “serious consequences” if his officials fail to prevent an outbreak in the country.


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