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UK orders 10K ventilators from F1, Aerospace Group

LONDON: Britain has ordered 10,000 ventilators from a consortium of leading aerospace, engineering and Formula One racing companies which will start production this week in response to an urgent government call for industry to help save lives.

The 27-strong team, including Airbus, BAE Systems , Ford and Rolls-Royce, have joined forces to ramp up production of a ventilator made by Smiths Group which supports those with complications from Covid-19.

The consortium, which also includes seven Formula One teams including McLaren and Mercedes, home to World Champion Lewis Hamilton, said they had pulled staff off existing projects to meet the national need. Some 1,228 people have died from coronavirus in the United Kingdom and a senior health official said on Saturday the country would be doing well if it manages to keep the death toll below 20,000.

“This consortium brings together some of the most innovative companies in the world,” Dick Elsy, the head of the consortium, said in a statement. “I am confident this consortium has the skills and tools to make a difference and save lives.”


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