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Sainsbury’s petrol station only allows customers to fill up at night

A SINGLE mum has blasted Sainsbury’s for changing their petrol station hours to only open overnight – accusing them of discriminating against women.

Deborah Sampson, 53, was left furious when she was turned away from her local forecourt in Larksfield, Kent, because the opening hours had changed to 10pm to 6am.

The carer has been “incensed” by the change, and claims that it is making petrol unavailable to single parents or women as they may not feel safe going out at that time.

Deborah, who cares for her mum full time, feels that she has been “let down” by the supermarket giant.

She told The Sun: “I am a single mum, and a carer to my mum, so I spend a lot of the time juggling everything.

“I just feel that it is discriminating me as a single parent, a mother, a woman in the current climate where women don’t feel safe.”


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