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UK politics live: Rishi Sunak freezes public sector pay except for NHS and cuts overseas aid

Many key workers who willingly took on so much responsibility during this crisis, are now being forced to tighten their belts. Now, not in the medium term to which the Chancellor refers, now.

In contrast there’s been a bonanza for those who have won contracts from this government. Companies with political connections have been ten times more likely to win government contracts …

In its response to this pandemic, the Conservative government has wasted and mismanaged public finances on an industrial scale. £130m to a Conservative donor for testing kits that were unsafe; £150m for facemasks and £700m on coveralls that couldn’t be used.

A £12 billion hit to our economy because the more effective, shorter circuit breaker was blocked, and a lengthier, more expensive lockdown put in place instead.

£12 billion – so far – spent on a test and race system that is still not working.

And today, news of £10bn in additional costs for PPE, at least partly down to the Conservatives’ lack of pre-pandemic planning.

“This waste and mismanagement is part of a longer-term pattern – showing that claims today around levelling up simply don’t match the evidence.


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