UK Workforce Battles Mental And Physical Health Issues In The Ongoing Cross Country Meetings.

UK Workforce Battles Mental And Physical Health Issues In The Ongoing Cross Country Meetings

Traveling is something you do for fun and relaxation but when it becomes consistent then it becomes a chore and particularly stressful.

As Capita Travel and Occasions have shown in its recent research that a third of the UK workforce can not handle the pressure and health issues that goes with traveling to work day in and day out.

There is a very high tendency that this daily travels for meetings can easily influence life outside their job, and studies have shown that a lot of the time, the individual’s family and social life goes downhill.

Hence, the survey carried out by Capita Travel and Occasions on the Unnoticed Impact of Business Travels is supportive of this notion that the act of traveling regularly for meetings is negatively affecting the UK workers and this also applies to other workers in various countries as well.

The survey has also shown that 57% of business travelers concede heading out to meetings in the wee hours of the morning and arriving in the late hours of the night has affected their rest and brought about contentions with their partner.

 The stats gathered from this survey shows that:

  • ‌One out of six workers has said traveling to and from meetings affects their psychological wellbeing.
  • ‌27% of business travelers said they had attended gatherings that weren’t essential for them to visit. 
  • ‌Practically half (47%) of business travelers get takeaways on the way home when going for work.
  • ‌41% of individuals wind up working past their assigned hours while at work. 
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The numbers, they say, don’t lie.

Furthermore, there are side effects that accompany excessive business traveling, the foremost being health issues both mental and physical which causes dread, uncertainty and all other sorts of problems.

These side effects can be moderated as Capita Travel and Event’s behavioral psychologist, Jonti Dalal-Small has made remarks on how to overcome these challenges, by supporting organizations in making employee welfare a priority, understanding behavior and improving traveling wellbeing, implementing the principles of smarter working and reducing unnecessary travel.

In essence, employees can be taught on the best way to approach and apply a more brilliant working standard, which prevents unnecessary travels and move on to better practices, by making these journeys fit into their lives better thereby decreasing the effect on their general wellbeing.

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