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US Elections Live News 2020: Trump fires high ranking official who didn't back fraud claims

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Trump says Michigan has refused to certify, but really only the city of Detroit’s certification has been blocked by the GOP

Could Lindsey Graham actually believe that the election is lost? The Senator – whose cries of election fraud remain constant – was seen congratulating Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on the Senate floor, perhaps privately acknowledging an election that has been lost, while screaming voter fraud publicly

Republicans are turning against Facebook and Twitter, accusing them of improper influence in the Presidential election. The GOP alleges that the social media giants highlighted news items that ultimately caused their President to lose the election.

In a move that is in-line with the rest of his Presidency, Trump has reversed the cancellation of a major event – Wreaths Across America – just moments after the Army Secretary announced the decision.

Wreaths Across America honours American veterans at the Arlington Cemetary, who cancelled the event due to the logistics of conducting such a large gathering during a pandemic.

With Biden set to be the next President, Palestine has decided to resume cooperating with Israel, ending over six months of stalemate over the annexation of the country’s West Bank by their neighbour.

In his last weeks in the Oval, Trump continues to play Russian Roulette with his administration, now firing a high ranking official – the Director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency – for disagreeing with the President’s voter fraud claims


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