US tech startup Paragon Intel raises $2.4 mn in Series A – IBS Intelligence

Paragon Intel

Ty Popplewell, CEO of Paragon Intel

Paragon Intel, a New York-based management analytics startup, announced on Tuesday the close of a $2.4 million Series A round. The funding came from multiple executives in the financial and FinTech industries.

Paragon Intel plans to expand its client base within and outside of investment management. The new funds will lay the groundwork for the 2020 launch of ManagementTrack, a platform to aggregate, filter, and analyze public data on management for investors, according to a statement.

“Our team and our investors know all too well that analysts underweight and under analyze management teams and their potential impact on a company’s performance. We’re taking a field that too often relies on gut feel and anecdotes and introducing meaningful, digestible data on a powerful platform,” Ty Popplewell, CEO of Paragon Intel stated.

The company’s vision of ‘management matters’ reflects in its products: CEO Change, a deep research service that provides investment insight every time a new external CEO is hired, and JetTrack, a platform that tracks private jet activity. With ManagementTrack, Paragon aims to provide a framework for identifying good and bad managers.

Paragon Intel is a management analytics firm that has combines experience from the investment and technology industries. The company’s products seek to provide new ways of measuring what matters in an executive and how their skills and track record impact company performance.


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