Used car buying guide: Aston Martin Rapide

Buyer beware… 

Engine: The V12 is reliable and most are serviced on the button by main dealers. If a specialist has touched it, check they’re respected, but a full Aston history is really what you want to see, for future resale if nothing else. 

Servicing: Intervals are every 10,000 miles; main dealers charge £800 or so. At 70,000 miles the spark plugs are changed, costing an additional £800. Air filters are £280 every 20,000 miles. 

Transmission: ZF six-speed and later eight-speed gearboxes are tough, but run through the usual checks feeling for hesitant or jerky changes and that the various modes make discernible differences. 

Brakes and suspension: The Rapide is heavy, so the Brembo brakes are likely to have taken a hammering. Check the front discs for lipping. They are around £600 a set, with pads. Check the adaptive dampers for leaks, and that the car sits level and the suspension modes work. 

Bodywork: Only a flawless finish will do. Galvanic corrosion (where steel and alloy meet) is rare but not unknown. 

Interior: It goes without saying that you should check that every last switch works. The wiring looms for the windows can play up due to water ingress, so check the glass rises and falls smoothly. 

Also worth knowing 

Premium tyres are always a good sign that a car has been well maintained regardless of expense. In the Rapide’s case, it goes further still, though, because not only should they be Bridgestone Potenzas but also Bridgestone Potenza Aston Martin rated. They have a stiffer sidewall. 

How much to spend 

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£36,000-£39,995: Clean, early 2010-reg cars, most with full Aston Martin histories and around 60,000 miles, and all in good colours. 

£40,000-£49,995: Good spread of 2011-reg Rapides, most with around 40,000 miles and with good specifications. 

£50,000-£50,995: Lower mileage (around 20,000) 2010-11 Rapides in perfect condition. 

£60,000-£69,995: The first, 2013-reg Rapide S examples, rising to approved used 2014s at the upper end. 

£70,000-£90,000: First 2015-registered eight-speed Rapide S cars starting at around £73,000, plus plenty more 2016-reg examples around £85,000. 

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