Using Social Media Contests to Boost Your Business

Using Social Media Contests to Boost Your Business

Social media is one of the most powerful tools available to businesses in the modern world. Being able to use and understand platforms is essential to maximise the visibility and outreach of your brand. Savvy use of this technology can lead to significant spikes in traffic towards your company and improve your brand’s image amongst your customers and clients.

Why Run Social Media Contests?

It is an excellent idea to promote engagement with your company on social media platforms. This will allow your presence on these channels to grow and cause a buzz about the services or products you are offering. Competitions are a great way of stimulating engagement on social media and increasing your following.

Before deciding on what contest you wish to run, you must set out what you would like to achieve in doing one. Is your goal to increase awareness of your brand? Or to grow the number of people that are following you? Different goals require different approaches, so this is an important step.

For example, if you are looking to grow your number of followers, you can request that would-be entrants follow your page to enter the contest. If your goal is to improve your company’s reach and improve your brand’s visibility, then maybe a giveaway in partnership with another business would be best for you. Additionally, you can use contests to source new and exciting material from your customer base that you can use to promote your brand in the future.

Asking customers for input on decisions such as product names can be used to make clients feel like your company values their voice. Additionally, such contests can bring visibility to a company on a much larger scale should the competition go viral (who could forget Boaty McBoatface?).

Once you have decided on your main goal for the contest, you can begin to think about what you specifically wish to run on your platform.

Contests for Sourcing User-generated Content

Social media contests that ask users on social media platforms can be hugely successful at generating a lot of engagement with your company. These types of competition will often create a lot of buzz around your brand on the local scale.

Some ideas involving customers to promote your brand could be running a competition to design your new logo and purchasing wall-mounted flagpoles to fly it from your company’s HQ. You could also run a contest to name the new mascot for your business or even an office pet!

These may have perks other than boosting engagement with your company on social media. Graphic design can be costly, for example, but if you can motivate your following to produce a logo for you in exchange for a reward, you could benefit greatly.

Building Your Following and Email List Using Giveaways

Giveaways of products and services are a brilliant way of increasing your following or your email list, depending on the conditions of the contest. These will often work best if you have an exclusive or highly desirable prize, so you must understand your target audience to be most effective.

An excellent way to build excitement around a prize may be to offer exclusive access to a new product line or collaborate with another player in the same industry. If the reward is highly desirable, it will often directly translate into a greater reach to your target market on social media. You can capitalise on this by requesting that participants provide their email address as part of the entrance criteria. On platforms such as Instagram, it is also a good idea to get entrants to tag their friends who might be interested in the post, giving you better outreach to your target demographic.

Consistency is Key

A critical point of running social media contests to promote your business is to hold them regularly enough to keep your audience engaged with your brand. If you only run competitions infrequently and at irregular intervals, consumers could lose interest in your social media presence.

Having regular giveaways or contests is a great strategy to promote engagement. However, your marketing department must budget for it accordingly if this is part of your business plan. Allocating appropriate funds to such promotional drives can also help you offer a relevant prize to your target demographic, which can play a crucial role in recruiting entrants that are likely to convert to customers.

Make the Most of Social Media to Grow Your Business

Overall, it is a common practice to use contests as a method of marketing your company. These promotions can help your business grow or provide valuable resources to smaller businesses with more limited resources. With a clear set of goals and competition conditions, using social media in this way is an invaluable tool to improve engagement with a brand that companies in the modern world should not overlook

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