Using Your Computer: How to Download SoundCloud Music for Free

How to Download SoundCloud Music for Free

SoundCloud is popular music and online audio streaming platform today. It enables users to download, share, and listen to music whenever, wherever they are. This platform houses thousands of sounds, audio, and music in different genres that you will enjoy listening to. Users can also download SoundCloud on their Android and iOS devices to enjoy playing their favorite songs anywhere.

People can choose to download the free or Go Premium version of SoundCloud. If you pick the Go Premium version, you can enjoy more music options. With this article, learn how to download soundcloud music step by step.

Downloading SoundCloud Music Using Your PC

Step 1: Choosing The Online Converter or Music Downloader

The first thing that you need to do is to pick the music downloader or online converter that you want to use. It’s an important step to start the process because there are many online converters that people can use to download different kinds of media. But for this process, we will pick KlickAud.

KlickAud is a SoundCloud online converter that allows users to convert music to MP3 without the need for java, plugins, or extra software. After choosing your converter, users can now begin finding their favorite tracks.

Step 2: Gather the link/URL of the Music Track From SoundCloud

The essential process of converting is to get the right link or URL of the track that you want to download. To copy the URL of the music from SoundCloud, right-click on its title. Then copy the URL address. Or users can launch the track in a different tab and then copy the link from its address bar that you can see on the browser.

Step 3: Start The Download Process of Your Music Track

Now, visit KlickAud and paste the  URL or link address that you copy from the track. Press download to proceed on how you can download your track from SoundCloud.

Step 4: Press Download on The Other Tab

The downloader from SoundCloud will extract the song track and will redirect users to the other page tab. Select the download button to begin the process of downloading your track from SoundCloud. From that point, users can also view the file size of the music that you’ll download. Then right-click and press the Save Link option to download the music.

Step 5: Download More Track

On the page tab, people can download more audio or music by pressing “Download Another Track.” If you want to download more songs from SoundCloud, you can do the similar steps and process.

Step 6: Enjoy Listening and Playing Your Favorite Tracks From SoundCloud

After you download the songs that you want, they will automatically add to the downloads. Users can drag the files from their downloads on the computer into different MP3 devices. What you only need to do is to get your earbuds and enjoy listening to your tracks, thanks to SoundCloud.


Now that you know how to download music from SoundCloud using your computer, you can start the process and enjoy listening to your favorite songs without the need for the internet. Just choose the device that you want to place your downloaded favorite songs and tracks.

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