Photo of Vauxhall Corsa-e Rally electric rally car

Vauxhall Corsa-e Rally electric rally car

The Vauxhall Corsa-e Rally – strictly the Opel Corsa-e Rally – is an electric Rally Corsa heading for the new ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup.

We’ve already got Formula E for electric cars trying to be F1 cars, so there’s probably logic in a rally series for electric cars too. And Vauxhall/Opel makes the first move in that direction with the Corsa-E Rally.

Vauxhall calim the Corsa-e Rally is the world’s first commercially built electric rally car – although they won’t be building many – and it does come with plenty of ‘Rally’ cues, if not any sort of massive power.

In fact, the Corsa-e Rally is powered by exactly the same 134bhp electric motor and 50kWh battery pack as the regular Corsa-e, but Vauxhall/Opel has put work in to making it rally-ready.

That includes uprated springs and dampers, bigger brakes, underbody protection, a mechanical handbrake for all those sharp bends, and a lack of either ABS or ESC.

The body of the Corsa-e Rally is also lighter, there’s an integrated roll cage and fire extinguisher, race-spec battery and quick release panels for when needs must.

The electric motor and battery size may be the same, but Vauxhall has also added a torsen differential, making the Cors-e Rally as ready as it will ever be to compete in the single model ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup from next year.

If you fancy playing with an electric rally car, Vauxhall will need £46k from you.


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