Video: Alpine A110 vs McLaren 570S – which is the ultimate driver's car?

Why start with “Which is the ultimate driver’s car?” if you’re not prepared to answer the question?

We all know (anyone who loves cars and reads Autocar regularly) how good the two are, so it’s a pointless video/ article if you don’t give us something more.

Going into the review, you’ve left out, IMO, one important criticism of this and, really, all McLarens: the engine soundtrack really isn’t very good, in fact just about any rival sounds better, whether it’s the Ferrari twin turbo (another flat-crank V8), the AMG/ AM TT V8, the Porsche flat six (especially the n/a from the GT3), or, of course, the glorious V10 from Audi-Lambo. I consider this a very important element of a purebred, and there’s no mention of it.


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