Virtual Marketing and the New Year

Virtual Marketing and the New Year

The New Normal

Just when you think that the pandemic is finally coming to an end, the elusive coronavirus evolves into a new variant and sets us back once again.

However, many of us can safely say that regardless of what the pandemic decides to throw our way, it is business as usual, albeit behind closed doors.

We still offer products and services and have bills to pay.

Like many of us, the work-from-home (WFH) model is our new normal, with office spaces becoming a waste of well, space, and resources – money that can be spent elsewhere. Yet, at the same time, by removing the walls of our offices and turning parts of our homes into workstations, we now realise that a lot of our tasks can occur with perfect execution anywhere with a reliable internet connection and a working computer.

Our employees are realising this too, as that email can still be sent from home, that meeting can occur via Zoom or any other video-calling platform, and that document can be edited in real-time by colleagues across the world. And it is that realisation that companies relook at their budgets, and oddly enough, their lists of employees. Yes, employees too – we will get to that shortly.

It’s no secret that the pandemic hit us hard. We weren’t prepared for the rapid and necessary changes, and we held on to a hope that we would return to a world in the same condition it was left. Unfortunately, we were wrong.

Now, in efforts to regain all our lost spending, we cancelled our contracts on office space and cut back where we could, resulting in a staffing vacuum unlike anything we’ve experienced in the past decade.

However, the ingenuity of humankind, along with that drive of entrepreneurship, created a solution for at least one of these problems in the form of outsourcing services to businesses in need of them.

And while outsourcing was around for years before the pandemic, the social shift and new working models shine greater light on the benefits of this venture. We’re not just talking about the usual call centre options or virtual assistance here, but the rise of virtual marketing as it takes the world by storm.

What is Virtual Marketing?

It’s in the name. It is marketing that is done virtually.

This is an oversimplification, of course, as virtual marketing is essentially the task of marketing conducted by an outsourced organisation to fulfil a business’s outreach requirements.

In a highly-digitalised world, we now rely on digital advertising much more than any single form of traditional outreach. For instance, people aren’t driving as much now due to those lockdowns, yet billboard advertisement prices remain the same – with potentially much fewer road users. Moreover, newspapers are increasing ad prices simply to pay almost defunct staff as lesser hands exchange coin-for-paper purchases, which goes for magazines.

We now receive our news online, and our digital magazines are a lot more vibrant and interactive than the bookish alternatives. Of course, we spend most of our free time on social media anyway, with hours swallowed up by TikTok videos and Instagram scrolling.

Virtual marketing, however, goes where the people are – and that is on those very social media platforms so that businesses like yours are still seen, recognised, and recalled when consumers seek what you’re selling.

And at fractions of the cost of traditional advertising, you’ll be hard-pressed to find businesses that don’t see the immediate benefits of signing up for such services.  

You don’t need an entire marketing team anymore, much less anything more than a single person to manage your virtual teams if you’re too busy to do this yourself.

But that’s not all. Beyond the blatant, virtual marketing is perfect for you for various reasons. So please, do read on.

Why is Virtual Marketing Perfect for You?

Your virtual marketing will include, but not be limited to, your website management, social media accounts, digital spend, and in some cases, even as an advisory to get the most bang for your buck regarding your outreach.

Some virtual marketing agencies offer you all this and more at a fraction of the cost of any individual service.

Video conferencing makes meetings a breeze, with very little pruning and prep required before you attend any meeting at all. And who here hasn’t been on a video call dressed for business from the waist up but socks long forgotten, much less shoes polished and tied at the opposite end?

Reporting methods change drastically as business functions are automated. You can pull charts and spreadsheets, and pretty much request detailed results on any action, receiving them at a touch of a button, keeping you abreast of any concerns, changes, or considerations towards a different approach.

Most of all, virtual marketing offers something that traditional marketing never could – a guarantee on your investment. You pay for what you use, and unlike that elusive billboard hidden behind two shrubs, a tree, and the glaring morning sun, digitalised adverts are often paid per click, ensuring that you only pay when someone engages with your advert.  

Why Choose Between Saving Time or Money When You Can Save on Both?

The perks are endless when it comes to virtual marketing. However, in 2022 you don’t have to choose between saving time or saving money, not when you can save both.

Apart from leaving your marketing in the hands of experts you can trust, you get this expertise at a fee lower than any single employee, and that is without even considering employment perks, contractual requirements, and equipment.

For this year, virtual marketing is a no-brainer.

So, delve into a bit of research and turn your business into the money-maker you’ve envisioned it to be. 

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