Volume with low cost is Biocon Biologics’ big plan

BENGALURU: Biocon Biologics is focusing on innovative business models to reduce the cost of human insulin and cancer drugs, as it looks to build a pipeline of 28 biosimilars across global markets, the company’s chief executive said. The Biocon subsidiary will chart a path that ensures high volumes and low costs, unlike competitors, Christiane Hamacher, chief executive of Biocon Biologics told ET.

“We want to be the Amazon of biotech pharma going beyond the product. You don’t have to do ecommerce, but we want to be as innovative and as disruptive as Amazon was. We want to transform healthcare,” Hamacher said. Innovative technology will enable this model, but for recombinant human insulin (rh-insulin) direct government procurement in global markets will bring down costs, she said.


The company plans to create an ecosystem where patients not only have access to the right medicine, but also gets the right care without always reaching a hospital. The company said it does not want to emulate any particular model, but the idea of ensuring universal access to diabetes medicine or rh-insulin comes from the fact that even after 100 years of the patent being written off many do not have access, she said.

Its Pegfilgrastim biosimilar for cancer treatment was commercialised in the United States in the previous financial year. So far, three biosimilars have been commercialised globally.


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