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To the editor:

Before deciding if I should enter or remain out of the town of North Elba pre-election verbal activities, I debated myself on the issue of being a close relative who perhaps should nicely stay on the sideline and await the result. However, those of you who know me would be surprised if I chose “the sideline” for any cause or issue I find important. Born and raised in Norway, I met Jay at an International Ski Festival Championships in Oslo, Norway. Three years later, we were married, and under bets from my friends on “my soon return to Norway,” I am still here 44 years later. This alone tells you something about my husband Jay Rand.

Jay is not just a great husband, father and grandpa. He cares deeply for his community and the well being of the people who live within it. Over the years, he has had tempting career opportunities, such as great offers from other national and international Olympic towns and organizations. Jay turned these offers down, as his future goals were to ensure that Lake Placid/town of North Elba would prosper and continue to remain on the world map of Olympic towns. This is now happening as the venues are being structurally upgraded and will again be able to host international competitions now and into the future, thus keeping visitors coming from near and far to experience this amazing township and all it has to offer culturally, recreationally and the beauty of mountains and lakes.

This brings me to Jay’s passion for making sure the community has opportunities for young people not just to work here, but to be financially able to live and raise their families in their own town as well as newcomers who would also like to work and be able to live within the North Elba community. Jay has been instrumental in moving the housing issue/projects forward and continue to make this a priority moving into the coming years.

For the last two years, the coronavirus put stress, worry and sadness into every corner of our community. It may have escaped some people how intensely our supervisor stayed on top of the details of this pandemic to keep the residents of North Elba as safe as possible. Our supervisor had 24/7 contact with the county/state on all ongoing issues, tracing, outbreaks, quarantines and how it was affecting businesses and personal lives. Jay lived on the phone to ensure he was doing everything possible to keep the community as safe as possible.

In closing, I urge you to come out and vote for leadership, integrity, energy, character, experience and proven record, which all represent my husband Jay Rand.

On Nov. 2, 2021, reelect Jay Rand for supervisor.


Gun Rand

Lake Placid

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