Wake Up and Watch the Vidzzz

For a while now, the pandemic has unleashed a barrage of home-made videos on social-distanced media. People posting themselves cooking meals, unboxing packages, working out, even working — they call these videos ‘Zoom meetings’ — are all in that grand pile for anyone to scroll and see. Some of them go viral, while most stay ‘asympto’. But a new variety of home videos are gaining popularity: vidzzz.

As the name suggests, these social media posts comprise videos of people showing themselves asleep. As this requires some kind of expertise with one’s phone camera timer — recording oneself to be asleep isn’t as easy as taking a selfie — the quality of outputs have been varying.

But seeing just a bedsheet rising or falling according to a prone figure’s bedtime breathing, or the sound of her or his snoring, for those few seconds, has an attractive cinéma vérité quality to it, especially in these fake news times.

Climactic moments so far witnessed include a toss and a turn, mumbles as a sleeper dreams, and, in a rare case, witnessing the person wake up. In what could become a trend that mixes the hyper-watching out for ‘ghostly’ movements in films like Paranormal Activity and transfixed by a calm sea scape, vidzzz may be the wake-up call for online community that may have started to elicit yawns with its hyper-activities.


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