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Watch out, Amazon. Other big retailers, including Walmart, have jumped into the Prime Day fray with deals of their own on everything from tech to fashion to home decor. And after a shopping spree this week, you may want to dial up your home security to protect all those items you’ve just bought.

Here are the best deals on for home security systems during Prime Day:

Google Nest Hello

The Google Nest Hello is a smart doorbell you’ll be happy to install. Not only does it send alerts to your phone when someone rings (and displays live video), it’s smart enough to know when someone is lingering outside your door without ringing. You can chat with visitors through the doorbell’s speaker right from your phone. In all, it’s the perfect start to a more secure home. Right now it’s $40 off at $189. 

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Google Nest Cam

But what if you don’t want to replace your doorbell? You can get a great deal on a Google Nest Cam outdoor security device. It’s weatherproof, so you can mount it outside without worry. It plugs in, so you don’t have to bother with getting out the ladder over and over again to replace batteries. It records HD video clips and sends them straight to your phone, so you’re always on top of what’s going on outside your home. At $168, it’s $31 off its regular price.

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Google Nest Secure

Walmart is offering a fantastic $100 off deal going on right now through Wednesday on the Google Nest Secure system. And it’s different from other devices. Rather than a box full of door and window sensors, motion detectors, repeaters, and dome alarms, you get a simple package with a Nest Guard base station, two Nest Detect sensors (that act as entry sensors and path lights), and a couple of key fobs. My favorite feature of Google Nest Secure is that you’re not locked in to the traditional “activate the system and run out the door while it beeps at you” routine. You set your system to wait up to five minutes before arming. It gives you a gentle voice reminder when it’s almost time—a blissfully low-stress option. Nest Secure works with Google’s other home hardware, including the Home Hub, Nest Cam, and Nest Hello doorbell cam (and, yes, the original Nest and Nest Protect). At $299, it’s a solid deal for a rarely discounted system. 

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