Want More Instagram Followers? Here’s How to Do It

Want More Instagram Followers

There is no doubt that Instagram is a great place for brands of whatever size to great noticed. The platform boasts of billions of users, making it among the platforms with the highest number of users in the world. Even though the number of users is high, it is not very easy to grow an engaged and loyal audience on Instagram. This can bring you frustrations as you try to grow your brand.

For you to get more Instagram followers for your brand, you need to be strategic and implement your strategies one by one, patiently. Without a proper marketing strategy, then chances of you ever succeeding on this platform shall remain minimal. This post provides clear tips on how to get more Instagram followers.

1. Cross-Promote Your Dedicated Hashtags

Dedicated hashtags are very effective when it comes to getting exposure on social media. With a well-thought-out hashtag, you can be sure that your content will reach even those who are not your followers, and maybe some of them who like the content will choose to follow you.

But creating a dedicated hashtag is just the beginning of the process of getting followers via the hashtag. Once it is ready, you need to ensure that people are aware of its existence. If they don’t know about it, then it will become a little hard for them to share it with their friends and followers.

For dedicated hashtags to bring in the desired results, they have to be cross-shared. You can have them printed on receipts, signage on your store, and other events. But at the same time, the hashtags need to be shared on other social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great places to cross-share your dedicated hashtags.

2. You Have to Be Creative with Hash-Tagging

To get more Instagram followers, then creativity must become part of you. The use of one-word caption should never be a nom in your posts, but rather be creative with the words to get it right. Instagram users love hashtags that go beyond the one-word caption and appreciate more those hashtags that can say something about you or your products.

You need to remember that one-word hashtags can be very boring at times, and might not elicit the kind of reactions you want from the audience. But a more-than-one-word hashtag can help you become a little funny or even controversial just to make Instagram users want to follow you.

3. Don’t Just Post, Participate in Popular Conversations as Well

Some people rely heavily on posting to get followers. While this might have worked for them, the level of success of this method is low and can be frustrating.

People shouldn’t just read about you and your brand, but they should also know that you are an active Instagram user. To show that you are active on this platform, you have to participate in popular conversations. And while you contribute in these conversations, make sure to use some dedicated keywords so that you can also direct some of the participants to your posts and profile.

While the use of long-tail hashtags is always the way to go, conventional one-word hashtags are also good in as far as getting your post in front of the participants is concerned. You, therefore, need to have a mix of both long-tail as well as short-tail hashtags in your contributions.

4. Have A Small Budget for Your Campaigns

Getting Instagram followers might be a real headache for many, especially to startups. With the presence of big brands that were established long ago, the competition for followers on Instagram is real, and one can end up with just a few followers that might not be enough to make profits with.

Most of the big brands on Instagram invest money to get a good following. There are many genuine sellers online, such as Insta Growing that can help you get active and genuine followers at a very affordable cost.

But even as you plan to invest in Instagram followers, you need to know that some sellers are here to make money and not help your business grow. These are the vendors that will sell inactive and fake followers to you. These fake followers will work in the opposite direction for your business, as your profile might be penalized by the Instagram algorithm and rank it very low.

5. Use Descriptive Captions

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, but can you entirely skip the words? Of course not. You need to use descriptive captions alongside the photos to generate engagements and also get sharing for your posts.

Good descriptive captions will go a long way in bringing humor and fun to your photos. But if you are used to just posting photos without captions, it’s okay. You can learn slowly how to incorporate the captions in your photos.

6. Don’t Ignore Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is something we have to get used to, as it is here to stay. There are those people whose brands are all over social media, and whatever they say, people seem to take it too seriously. Some are just funny, and people will find whatever they post to be fun. These are the people you need to discuss with and request them to help you get more Instagram followers.


Getting Instagram followers doesn’t have to be as hard as many would want us to believe. But at the same time, it needs efforts and dedication if you are to get any meaningful followers on Instagram. The tips we’ve discussed in this post will ensure that you move from 2-digits numbers to 3 or even 4 digits followers on Instagram.  

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