Warren Says She Will Refuse Donations From Big Bank, Tech Executives – Forbes

Topline: 2020 Democratic hopeful Elizabeth Warren said Tuesday she will refuse donations over $200 from executives at big tech companies, big banks, private equity firms or hedge funds.

  • Warren has already said she will refuse to take donations from pharmaceutical executives and avoid holding high-dollar fundraising events, placing emphasis on small donors and grassroots fundraising. 
  • Meanwhile, some of her rivals—namely Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigeig—are sticking to the traditional fundraising circuit.
  • The move comes as Wall Street reportedly is getting nervous about a possible Warren candidacy, CNBC reported, since she introduced policy ideas going after billionaires and big business. 
  • Warren has also been vocal about breaking up Big Tech, with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pledging to fight Warren if she becomes president.

Key background: Despite not holding high-dollar events, both Bernie Sanders and Warren are raising the most money out of all the Democratic candidates.

Tangent: Forbes estimates that Warren has a $12 million fortune. 

Further reading: Read Warren’s full Medium post here.


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