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I have several playlists synced from my iPhone to the Apple Watch. It’s local to the Watch so I can listen to tunes without having an iPhone on me.

I then used my iPhone that the Watch is paired with to AirPlay some music to a Sonos speaker elsewhere in the house. For some reason the Watch stops playing music and the music app screen shows what the iPhone is playing. Why is that? Do Apple’s engineers make assumptions on my behalf now? Is there a way to disable this “feature”?

Likewise I can be playing music from the watch when on a walk and when I return home, anything playing on a HomePod appears and kicks me out of what I had already set up (my own playlist) (if my father is using a HomePod to listen to a local radio station, it the controls play as if Apple assumes I would want to control my father’s HomePod.)

He’s 71 and doesn’t know anything tech related, so my parent’s “home” is under my Apple ID as well. Same thing happens on my iPhone. The now playing screen on any iOS/iPadOS device shows the HomePod just because I happen to be connected to the same network, and when I want to play music locally from the iPhone or iPad it thinks I wanted to airplay it to the HomePod. This requires me to jump through numerous hoops in control center on the device to take back control of my local device’s library. Is there a way to make it so Apple Watch can’t control my phone’s music when I don’t want it to? Likewise is there a way to prevent the HomePod from taking over my iPhone/iPad?

Extremely irritating experience, hope I’m overlooking a simple setting.



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