Wearing Jewelry According To The Occasion As Advised By Some Of The Best Baltimore Jeweler Experts

Wearing Jewelry According To The Occasion As Advised By Some Of The Best Baltimore Jeweler Experts

Ever found yourself on an occasion where you enter the place and the first thought that hits your mind like a bulldozer is how inappropriate jewelry you are wearing for the event. Many of us have been in such a situation and many of us have wished to know what exactly needs to be worn according to the occasions. 

So to save you from this embarrassment and a phase of utter misery where you keep thinking about your attire and miss the fun of the party or any other event, we have listed down some specific situations and the jewelry that can be worn in them.


If you wear showy and flashy earrings to work, chances are you would receive few judging looks here and there. And the last thing you want is to be the center of attention at a place where you have to go daily and where your livelihood depends. But it is also advisable to have a presentable and delightful look so you do not get weary of a monotonous style. 

So the best jewelry items that you can wear to the work are typically small earings of either diamond or other gemstones. The stud earrings add a decent and graceful touch to your overall attire. You can also wear delicate bracelets of pearls or colorful beads that add a delightful touch to your appeal. 

Official dinners 

This is the most tricky occasion in terms of what to wear and what not to wear. To look delightful and not excessively flashy, you can wear a simple sapphire necklace with matching studs. But it is preferred not wearing more than two jewelry items to maintain your professional look. 

Date night

Date nights are usually of different kinds. If you have planned a dinner with your beau in a classic restaurant then an exquisite type of jewelry like prominent sapphire bracelet, necklace, and matching earrings are your best picks. 

If you both have planned a casual date night, then do not wear such expensive-looking jewelry and go for something least flashy and exquisite. Usually, light studs with delicate rings and simple pendant do the trick. 

Hangouts with friends

This is probably one of those situations where you are most comfortable and do not care about your attire. But that still does not leave a room for a gaudy look because then you would be the subject of jokes and mockery among your friends for the rest of your life. 

To pull off a chic look while you head to meet your friends, you can wear a gold chain along with matching or nonmatching studs. You can also add rings and beaded bracelets to the mix.

Now you know what jewelry item to wear for these typical situations that you face regularly. If you are looking for a good Baltimore jeweler then we suggest you visit Nelson Coleman and check out their extensive jewelry collection. 

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