Weather Forecast Birmingham for September

Birmingham is located in the west of central England on the Birmingham Plateau, which rises 180 meters above sea level. Birmingham is crossed by three rivers: Thames, Rea and Cole, all of which are not navigable. There are hills to the south and west of the city. So it influences the weather forecast Birmingham.

The climate in Birmingham is mild, as in most cities in England. In September, the thermometer reaches +17°С, and at night the temperature rarely drops below +8°С. Also you can observe the phenomenon of «urban heat island» — the temperature in the center of Birmingham is always a couple of degrees higher than on the outskirts of the city.

Since Birmingham is located far from the seashore and on a hill, you should check out the Birmingham weather forecast to be prepared for rains.

According to the Birmingham weather archive in September 2020, the ratio of sunny to cloudy days was 70% and 30%, respectively.

Weather Forecast Birmingham for September

Weather Bristol in September

Bristol is located in a rolling valley. There are two rivers flowing through the county of Bristol — Avon and Frome. The Atlantic Ocean forms a humid and mild climate. Bristol is one of the warmest cities in Great Britain — in winter the thermometer rarely drops below +2°С, and in summer it reaches +21°С. Due to the proximity of the hills to weather Bristol, there are often cloudy days with precipitation, most of these days are in autumn.

According to the Bristol weather archive in September 2020, the ratio of sunny to cloudy days was 57% and 43%, respectively.

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As for the Bristol weather:

  • the highest daily temperature in Bristol in September 2020 is +18°С;
  • the minimum temperature at night dropped to +11°С;
  • the average daytime and nighttime temperatures during September are +16°С and +13°С, respectively.

Weather Forecast Sheffield in September

The city lies in a hilly area, the height of which ranges from 29 to 500 m. Large areas are occupied by parks, squares and forest plantations. Like many other parts of England, the climate is temperate maritime, with warm winters and cool summer months. So the weather forecast Sheffield in September is not so cardinal.

Warm air masses that form over the Gulf Stream play a decisive role in its formation. At the same time, there are a number of features associated, first of all, with the proximity of the Pennines.

The weather forecast in Sheffield this September is quite mild: the highest temperature was +24°С at daytime and +11°С at night.

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