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Website Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

Website Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

Websites have become one of the most basic requirements for businesses who want to be more visible and accessible to their target market. It will make the company seem ‘real.’ Some stores even build websites first before a physical storefront.

A website will allow your business to reach more customers and get new potential clients that are far from your location. A website can also build a connection and engagements with your patrons.

Having a good website can help make your company and strengthen your business. That’s why it is important to ensure that your website will avoid these common mistakes.

Lacks Important Details

Most websites fail because it misses out essential details that the customer needs. When clients visit your site, there are crucial things that they should be able to see when navigating.

Your website should introduce your business. Write an ‘About Us’ page and link all your social media accounts. This information will give a general overview of what your company is all about.

Your customers should also reach you quickly, so include a contact page where they can connect with a real person. Do not forget to include your business’ email address and phone numbers.

You should also include your physical address, so customers know where to walk it anytime. A bonus feature is adding directions or maps they can use to locate your storefront quickly.

When making a website, you should focus on giving out as much information as possible. Your visitors should have a full grasp of your business when they leave your site.

Not Updating It

Not updating your website will only give an impression that you don’t care about anyone checking your page. Visitors will think that your site is no longer operational.

To avoid this, ensure that all your contact details are up to date. You should also update your products and services, as well as your current store hours. Include any new discounts and promos your customers should know.

Another way to make customers feel that your website is updated is including calendar-related posts. You can include greetings when there’s a holiday.

You should also post related articles and entries that may help customers stay on your website. You should also use Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic to your site.

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Not Knowing Your Niche

Your website should have a purpose and develop a niche. Setting a target audience will allow you to get potential clients that match your products and services.

Know your target audience and build your website around them. Most companies want customers to build a relationship with the business. You can create a more reliable connection when you know who’s your market.

For example, if you’re selling skincare products, focus your website’s aesthetics with girly yet mature design. Your products will likely resonate to mature audiences, so try to gear your site around what your target customers will like.

You should also avoid using language and terms that your audience won’t understand. Try to imitate and use common terms and expressions that are familiar with your target.

Your website’s primary purpose is connecting with your potential customers. It is crucial to stay clear and relevant when starting your website.

It’s Not Mobile Friendly

Website Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

Most people are now using mobile devices. Most web traffic is from mobile devices. That is why it is essential to make your website mobile-friendly.

You can build a mobile responsive website by following the preferred format for mobile devices. If you don’t know how to design your template, there are readily available mobile-friendly themes you can use.

You can also include the viewport meta tag to make navigation easier on different devices. Your font size should also be large enough for mobile devices. You can set your texts in EMs so that the font size is relative to different screen parameters.

If your website is responsive to any device, your customers will most likely stay. Don’t forget to continually test your website’s responsiveness to ensure everything is right.

Using Crappy Images

A full block of text is not aesthetically pleasing. It will make any visitor hit the back button. Thus, it is essential to include images on your website. But, avoid using crappy photos.

Your website’s photos must be bright, crisp, and vibrant. The subject should be easily identifiable and in sharp focus. You should also avoid adding over or underexposed images.

Your website should also include relevant and interesting images. Boring, generic, and images straight from Google will only make your website look cheap.

Using high-quality images will make your website look professional. If you have the budget, hire an experienced photographer to take pictures for you.


Small business owners usually miss the chance to succeed by simple mistakes they could have avoided.  Keep these points in mind to ensure that you’re giving your business’ website a fair opportunity to strengthen your business.

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