This week saw one of the lowest weeks in terms of total volume moved by whales totalling a mere $97.8 million in the top five. The top three cryptos all feature with a surprise altcoin making the list with a large $20.6m whale move. 

This week saw the rise of altcoins as the market recovery with mid to low cap coins saw some decent gains. One would assume with all the green in the market and coins jumping up 20% in some cases, that whale moves would be the order of the week. However, this week saw very little whale moves occur with the top five totalling a mere $97.8m in transactions. 

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Featuring this week includes the king of the hill, Bitcoin which claimed top spot once again. Ethereum features twice in the middle of the table while XRP rounds up the list. The most notable surprise comes from a coin called Maximime Coin (MXM) which took second spot with a $20.6m whale move. The project is not very well known and is only tradable on CoinBene and HitBTC. Currently MXM ranks 81 on Coinmarketcap with a total market capitalization of $56.3 million. 


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This weeks total whale moves saw $97.8 million in cryptos being transferred for a total fee of $5.51.

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5. 49,996,400 #XRP (15,663,545 USD) transferred from Unknown wallet to #Bitfinex – 8 March

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TX Cost: $0.00465

4. 120,000 #ETH (15,923,802 USD) transferred from Unknown wallet to Unknown wallet – 14 March

TX Cost: $0.0062

3. 140,451 #ETH (18,774,281 USD) transferred from Unknown wallet to Unknown wallet – 8 March

TX Cost: $0.03


2. 608,590,000 #MXM (20,610,655 USD) transferred from Unknown wallet to Unknown wallet – 15 March

TX Cost: $1.08

1.  6,871 #BTC (26,905,335 USD) transferred from #Bittrex to Unknown wallet – 8 March

TX Cost: $4.39

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Special Mention

Special mention goes out to the massive fake EOS transaction which was created by an EOS user. The transaction totalled $3.6 trillion. The transaction was fortunately unsuccessful.

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