What are Datacenter Proxies and its Uses?

What are Datacenter Proxies and its Uses?

Remember the time you hid your IP address? Have you queried how that happened? The answer is simple: you used a data center proxy. And what is a data center proxy? It isn’t affiliated with any Internet Service Provider (ISP) and is an independent proxy. 

Secondary companies offer datacenter proxies. They give you a fully private and secret IP authentication. But, datacenter proxies typically come from a cloud service provider, which means many others use them together. 

Pros of Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies have many benefits. Some of them are:


As each proxy is shared by many, prices are divided. So you don’t have to pay a lot. Still, you can buy a private data center proxy for independent use. Such brokers are slightly higher priced than usual ones.

Fast Connection:

A proxy can endure user load. So, you don’t have to worry about connectivity. It has a large bandwidth to sustain any traffic.


If you want to access some geo-restricted data or enjoy anonymity, you can rely on a data center proxy to work for you. It serves the needs of users. 

Cons of Datacenter Proxy

Like every human creation, datacenter proxies have some flaws too:

Risk of Being Barred:

If there is too much traffic from one IP address, the target site can detect you as odd. Again, though, not all co-users are accessing the same website. So, the chances of this occurring are meager. 

Types of Proxies

There are two types of proxies:

  1. Datacenter Proxies
  2. Residential Proxies

Brief Review of Residential Proxies:

Residential proxies are real devices issued by internet providers. Since they have an existing IP address, using them will give you noteworthy coverage.

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The contrast between the Two:

  1. Residential proxies are harder to get. 
  2. You can’t divide the cost.
  3. You have to rely on its resources for internet speed.
  4. Residential proxies are better for web-scraping and masking status.

Downsides of Free Datacenter Proxies

All users find free data center proxies very tempting. But, we will advise you against them. Why? Because some sites have such services blocklisted and you are more prone to getting banned. Besides, sometimes free service providers do not control the flow of data.

Where to Use Datacenter Proxy

You can use data center proxies for a range of purposes. Below are some of its uses:

Study Purposes:

For security reasons, many scholarly sites deny access to users from some countries. For this purpose, you can connect to any proxy of the approved country and use the service.

Use Geo-Restricted Services:

 Many services aren’t available globally. To use such services, you can connect to a data center proxy based on the location of your needs. In addition, this plan will allow you to access the content of your choice.

Manage Your Social Media

With growing traffic on social media sites, companies are removing fake accounts to keep them manageable. So, if one IP address shows various versions, it becomes clear they are false. To run multiple accounts, you can use various data center proxies for each.

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