What are Some of the Businesses that Can Profit from Blockchain

What Are Some Of The Businesses That Can Profit From Blockchain

The internet world has indeed turned out to be vulnerable due to cyberattacks. Blockchain is deemed the answer to losses that business faces due to Cyber Threats. Soon businesses, irrespective of sectors, are thinking of exploiting the technology. 

Businesses are using Cryptocurrencies backed by Blockchain Technology. If you, too, want to use Cryptocurrency, take the help of bitcoin evolution to maximise profits. 

Moving on…in this article, we are discussing some of the businesses that can profit from Blockchain technology.Let’s start the discussion right here.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology obviously offers some profits that propel industries and businesses to embrace this technology. 

Now let’s understand why there is such an inclination towards using this technology.

1. Safety of Data 

While the information on Blockchain gets recorded, they are recorded across multiple computer networks. If any malicious element tries to make a dent in the system, this will alert all the computers and hence, hacking turns out to be impossible. 

More importantly, information gets compiled in the form of blocks. These blocks combine and form a chain. That is the inner mechanism that gets worked out. Blockchain is nearly unhackable. 

2. Transparency

Information is recorded in some distributive ledger across a wide network of computers. 

Suppose if you buy or sell Bitcoin, the changed stats will be updated in the distributed ledger. This comes under your domain. The network participants could see the change in accounts in real-time. 

Therefore there remains no scope for hiding and seeking with account updation. This is how you get transparency with Blockchain.

3. Increased Efficiency and Speed

Traditional paperwork is extremely time-consuming. They are prone to human errors and hence require some third-party mediation. When a recording in manufacturing goes, expenses from different segments get recorded. This involves complexities. 

If businesses use Blockchain, they are able to streamline the complex process in such a manner that eases complexity. Hence, transactions can be completed faster and with efficiency. 

4. Automation 

In Blockchain, transactions can be automated with “smart contracts,” and this works to increase efficiency and speeds up the process even further. 

With smart contracts, you can reduce human intervention as well as reliance on third parties to verify terms and conditions. This is all managed through Automation.

Businesses that Can Profit Using Blockchain  

There are some businesses that can profit using Blockchain. Let’s discuss some of them in this section.

1. Advertisement 

Advertisement is one sector that is immersed in risks and uncertainty. Creative sectors are fraught with risk because there is the involvement of original and exclusive content involved. 

Forging some original work is not justifiable at all. With Blockchain, this can be sorted out.

2. Stock Trading 

Even the stock market is not immune to fraud. Through Ponzi schemes, inside trading and pump and dump, there is always a chance that investors are led astray. 

It is found through the application of Blockchain that the entire process of stock trading can be safeguarded. Blockchain can nullify attempts of forgery and cheating. Therefore stock traders are thinking of using Blockchain extensively. 

3. Travel and Tourism 

The travel and tourism sector is heavily dependent on data. There are plenty of activities within the travel and tourism sector that involve extensive use of data. 

Breach or theft of data can be devastating to the health of Data. These activities include:

  • Hotel Booking.
  • Booking Train Ticket.
  • Airlines Ticketing system.
  • Checkup and movement of Parcels

Well, there are subsections to this, but it can not be denied that this sector has become highly sensitive to data management.

With the use of Blockchain, safety and security can be provided to the data. The reputation of companies depends to quite an extent on safeguarding data with responsibility.

4. Health Care Industry

This is really one of the core industries that can leverage Blockchain technology to the fullest. Regulations (from part of the NHS) are slowly forcing the healthcare bodies to comply with standards. 

With the use of Blockchain, sensitive healthcare records and IDs can be safeguarded. 


There are other sectors that can use Blockchain to effect, and they include, Automotive Industry, Education, Real Estate, the Internet of States and others.

Blockchain technology is really on the verge of taking over the existing systems used by companies in recording and safeguarding information. No matter why there is such a craze with Blockchain technology.

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