What are the Most Popular Food Franchises UK?

What are the Most Popular Food Franchises UK?

Opening up a food franchise UK-wide is a great chance to invest in an already proven business model to quickly turn a profit and make money on your investment.

The top fast-food franchises in the UK offer the most lucrative means of investing in the food sector, but there are countless other opportunities too.

You can invest in proven business models or take a bigger risk and open a franchise with an up and coming food chain to reap the rewards later down the line.

There are many different food franchises for sale across the country, so we’ve put together this article detailing the most popular food franchises in the UK in 2020.

What is a Food Franchise?

A food franchise UK-based is a business that is licensed out to a franchisee. In exchange for payment, or annual profit shares, an existing business allows an outlet to be opened up in a new location, using the existing business model and branding.

There are many benefits to this system, as it allows an entrepreneur to invest in a proven and popular brand, such as McDonald’s or Subway, for instance, and to take advantage of their existing customer base and customer loyalties to quickly turn a profit.

The franchisee has just a fraction of the risk of starting their own food business, making this a great way to invest in a highly successful brand.

The most popular UK food franchises

There are many different businesses available to franchise in the food sector, ranging from fast food franchises UK customers already love through to healthier alternatives. Here are the most popular UK food franchises you can invest in right now.


Subway is easily one of the largest sandwich franchises UK-wide, and they constantly open up more and more outlets each and every year. In fact, investing in Subway means investing in one of the largest food retailers in the world, because the company has more fast food shops than any other brand.

Learn how to master the art of artisan sandwich making as you lead a successful team to take on the sandwich market in a town near you.

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is popping up everywhere, and there’s a good reason for that. The coffee brand is one of the fastest-growing and well-known brands in the UK and the soaring demand for its beverages are being met by franchisees looking to cash in on our love for high-quality coffee.

There are countless opportunities to open more coffee shops, and doing that with Costa Coffee will give you a huge head start as its customer base is already loyal and vast.


McDonald’s, you either love it or you hate it, but no one can deny that the American fast-food brand is where franchising really all began.

McDonald’s is constantly expanding and always has new franchise opportunities across the UK. While it’s a bigger upfront investment than most other companies, you are safe in the knowledge that there is a huge customer base and that you’re working with one of the biggest organisations in the world.


If chicken is your fast food of choice, then you could look at opening a KFC franchise instead. Kentucky Fried Chicken already has a huge customer base in the UK, and it is constantly expanding and developing its reach across the nation.

Papa John’s

Papa John’s is one of the most popular pizza outlets in the UK and it is opening more franchises than ever before as it tries to compete with the likes of Domino’s and Pizza Hut for a larger share of the market.

By choosing Papa John’s, you’ll have access to the company’s well-known pizza recipes and business models to make your franchise a success.

Boost Juice Bars

If fast food isn’t your thing, then why not take a look at opening up a much healthier fast-food franchise?

A Boost Juice Bar could be the franchise for you, as you provide your customers with high quality, healthy smoothies and juices. Learn how to mix and blend the perfect health-boosting drinks and find a loyal customer base ready to buy from your outlet.


Wagamama offers its Asian-fusion cuisine all over the UK, and with such an established restaurant brand, you’re going to find a ready customer base wherever you set up shop.

This Asian-inspired restaurant is well known for its noodle soups and katsu curries, as well as its long tables and laid back dining style.

There are great opportunities in towns and cities all over the UK as Wagamama looks to increase its restaurant numbers year on year.

From Costa Coffee to Papa John’s, there are countless food franchise opportunities for sale all over the UK. You can invest in everything from a fast-food franchise to a health food franchise UK-wide, so there’s never been a better time to start your business than now!

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