What Impact Can Fleet Trackers Have on Customer Satisfaction?

What Impact Can Fleet Trackers Have on Customer Satisfaction?

GPS vehicle trackers are often favoured to help recover stolen vehicles, but they can also be incredibly helpful in helping you to understand your vehicle fleet from a business perspective. With a wealth of insights and data on vehicle and driver behaviour, choosing a fleet tracker could have a positive impact on your business’ performance and efficiency.

In competitive industries, being able to stay one step ahead is crucial for many types of businesses, big or small. If your business is reliant on a fleet of vehicles delivering services or goods, having the right insights to these vehicles can be invaluable. Here Trackershop takes a look at the positive impact of using fleet trackers.

What are Fleet Trackers?

Fleet trackers are essentially a network of GPS trackers, with one on each of your business vehicles. You can track and view real time data through a dashboard or app, allowing you to manage your fleet and have full visibility of their movements.

They work using a network of satellites in order to provide exact locations and other key information, which in turn you can use to ensure your customers receive a first-class service from your business.

Manage Customer Expectation

Working with customers means open and honest communication is crucial. The information provided through your fleet tracking system means you can answer queries on delivery or arrival times and even send someone else out to a customer if your original driver is stuck in roadworks or traffic due to an accident.

GPS fleet trackers give you the opportunity to manage your customers’ expectations. If you have promised a specific time but you can see the driver is going to be late due to traffic, you can let the customer know the later arrival time and try to re-route the driver through a more efficient journey.

In turn, this means your customer can be completely aware of what’s going on, with timely updates should anything change.

Reduce Expenses and Costs

Using fleet tracking will inevitably help you save both time and money, which for a business is a win-win. As your business vehicles will be able to move more efficiently due to insights from the tracker, you may be able to save significantly on fuel costs or overtime pay.

In turn, this might mean you can re-assess your delivery charges or other costs and offer your customers a better price for your services. Nothing makes a customer happier than getting a discount!

Deal with Complaints More Effectively

The GPS tracking platform can provide complete visibility on your drivers’ movements and whereabouts. With that in mind, it can help you to manage any complaints and know when the customer has been genuinely aggrieved. For instance, if a customer is complaining about a late arrival, you can check the system to make sure this is a valid complaint and deal with it accordingly.

Customer service and how you deal with problems are both huge factors in how a customer perceives your company. If you can demonstrate professionalism and honesty, as well as providing a solution, you will have an impact on their satisfaction even if the driver was late!

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