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What India Inc's expectations are from Budget

Increased spending on infrastructure projects, greater focus ok the agricultural sector, measures to spur inclusive growth with job creation are some of the things corporate leaders wish to see the government announce in the upcoming budget on February 1, 2020.

TVS Motor Group Chairman Venu Srinivasan said, “One of the most mportant issues facing us today is job creation. Young people today can see what is happening globally…job creation is one of the most fundamental things…drive has to be growth with jobs.”

Hero Enterprise Chairman Sunil Kant Munjal said, “I would like to see slippage in fisc (fiscal deficit) and that slippage going towards seriously benefitting infrastructure sector.”

Chairman and Managing Director DCM Shriram Ajay Shriram said, “I hope that in this budget there is focused approach towards taking care of the agriculture sector… which is suffering a lot. Somehow the policies are not moving in terms of governance, in terms of co-ordinating with the states…I think possibly a GST type of a body is required to get all state agri ministers involved to take joint decisions for implementation…”

Srinivasan, Munjal and Shriram were speaking at the launch of the book “The Making of Hero” (authored by Sunil Munjal) organised by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII).


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