What is a Footer in Web Design?

The footer is a safety margin where users can find the information they need about company policy.

In this article, we will understand what a footer is, how it is best used, what information should be placed so that the resource looks harmonious. It is important that the data that will be in this field is well combined. We will also provide footer examples.

What is a Footer in Web Design?

Many people underestimate this section, which is located at the bottom of the page. But in it you can indicate important information regarding the company, place links, declare copyright. You can put a form there so that you can register via email.

If you wish, you can post a copyright notice here. All you need to specify is the copyright symbol  (or the word “Copyright”), what year the website was published or the last major update, who owns the rights.

The notification should appear once on the main page, but you can also place it on the internal pages of the site.

Link to privacy policy

If you are collecting personal information of users: e-mail addresses, payment data, then you need to post an agreement on a privacy policy, according to the law “On the protection of personal data.”

Better to place a link to the privacy policy in the footer. This not only comply with legal requirements, but also meet user expectations. Top web design firms may add part of their privacy policy to a link.


You can add a map to the footer in several ways: provide multiple links to site sections, or provide one to an XML sitemap..

A footer is a great place to highlight a brand’s personality. There are several ways to do this: add different logo variations; change the font and its sizes; Place an image; include an excerpt with company values  under the logo.

Contact Information

So that customers can quickly get in touch, you can place contact information in the footer: email address, phone number. You can also provide a link to the online contact form.

Some companies place contact information under the footer so that customers can quickly contact them in a convenient way.

You can also post a simple email subscription form here. A good way to fill this space is to post a company slogan. This will allow the visitor to find out what kind of information he will receive in the mailing list.

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