What Is a Good Hook for an Essay about Leadership?

A recently released survey showed that higher-ed institutions were only partially aware of the challenges that students face. Besides financial challenges, they reported difficulties in completing college-level work.

The most common reason why students struggle with college assignments is irrelevancy. “For a student who wants to pursue leadership roles in future, it’s hard to understand how an assignment about environmental issues is relevant,” – says Michael Adams, an advisor working for a custom essay writing service.

So what do these students do? When they don’t get the point in an assignment, they turn to an affordable custom writing service like AssignmentPartner.

How can professors prevent that from happening?

They just need to turn students into better writers.

What Is a Good Hook for an Essay about Leadership

All Students Can Write

Writing is not necessarily a skill people are born with. It is not extremely dependent on genetics, although the way people express themselves is related to genes up to some extent. In the biggest part, however, writing is a skill that’s highly dependent on practice.

A groundbreaking study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 2007 proved that grit is essential to success in any discipline. The researchers defined grit as “sustained and focused application of talent over time.”

Even if the student starts with minimal writing skills, they can get better. They can at least develop decent skills that help them get average grades.

Gritty students work diligently towards progress. They have the so-called growth mindset, which Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck explained over 30 years ago. These students will refuse to give up even if they achieve bad results with their first writing attempts. They might use online services only for instruction purposes, but they won’t submit a paper written by someone else.

The professor has the role of a motivator during this process of growth. They should offer triggers and writing prompts that inspire students to proceed.

The Hook – The Essential Element that Keeps the Writer Going

Some students hire Nerdy Writers only to get assistance with the hook for an essay. Christina Domil, a representative from the service, says: “When students are convinced they can’t write, the usual problem is that they don’t know where to start. Their professors don’t provide clear instructions and don’t teach them how to start with a hook. When we help the students get through that stage, they are usually able to work independently for the rest of the process.”

In general, this is what the structure of an essay looks like:

Introduction The writer starts with a hook, which keeps the reader’s attention. They introduce the reader into the topic and provide the thesis statement.
Three body paragraphs Each of them contains a leading argument as the first sentence. In the remaining of the paragraph, the student elaborates the argument.
Conclusion The student will restate the thesis statement and show how they proved it through the arguments in the essay’s body.

When the student has the hook, they can develop the essay more easily. It’s the opening statement that serves not only to get the reader’s attention, but to put the writer in the “flow” mode as well.

What’s a Good Hook for a Leadership Essay?

Christina Domil from Nerdy Writers says: “The leadership essay is the most commonly requested assignment at our site. The expectations are higher. Professors explain that all leaders have to write well, so the students feel an immense pressure. If they don’t write a good paper, they won’t seem they have potential to be great leaders.”

Knowing how to write the best hook may get you in the flow. Here are few insights on how it’s supposed to look like:

  • A quote from a famous leader is a great start. But it has to be relevant to the theme. If you’re writing an essay on leaders and failure, for example, you can start with Branson’s quote: “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”
  • An anecdote is interesting, too. When writing about failure, you may start like this: “When Steve Jobs was 30 years old, he was already labeled as a great leader. But then he got fired from the company he started.” It’s easy to continue from there on, right?
  • You can ask an intriguing question. “If failure is necessary for each great leader, then should we strive towards it?”
  • Statistics always go to your favor. “According to a 2015 study by the Center of Creative Leadership, almost 40% of chief executives fail to achieve goals within the initial 18 months on that position.”
  • Bust a common myth! Here’s an example: “Examples like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson might make one believe that failure is an evitable stage towards success, but that doesn’t have to be the case.”

The point of the hook is to offer interesting information for the reader and to give you a starting point for the writing process.

When looking for free online tips on how to write, the students should first focus on the hook. When teaching students how to write, professors should also focus on that aspect of the paper. That’s the first step towards solving all challenges related to academic assignments.  

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