What is a Recruitment Specialist?

A recruitment specialist helps to support the company they work for to recruit new people into the business. They will be the first point of contact to potential hires throughout the recruitment process, reducing the time needed for key decision-makers within the business. They will often carry out a variety of duties, from identifying potential candidates to creating job postings, conducting screening interviews and improving the retention of staff within the office. Below we look more into this. 

The role of a recruitment specialist at a company like Morgan Philips, recruitment specialist agency can vary depending on the type of organisation they are in. Below are four duties that are generally shared across the different industries. 

Identify Potential Candidates

One of the key areas that a recruitment specialist will focus on is picking out the correct people to interview, based on the cv’s you receive from potential candidates and the positions you are trying to fill within the company. On a day to day basis, the recruitment specialist will work closely with different members within your company to decide on the positions that need to be recruited for urgently. They will also help give advice on positions that they believe may need to be filled in the future. 

Create Job Postings

Another role that a recruitment specialist will partake in is creating job postings for the roles they identify as being required by your company. They will research the best places to advertise your job roles and make sure the quality of candidates that are being received are the ideal ones. They will write and post your jobs on the correct recruitment boards, and find other ways to advertise the roles you have available. When deciding the requirements needed for the job they are advertising, they will work closely with the manager of the department the potential hirer will be working for, to make sure the correct requirements are met such as educational grades, experience etc. 

Conduct Screening Interviews

Before a candidate is put forward to interview with the manager of the department you are hiring for, it’s always a good idea to have a screening interview. In a screening interview, a set of questions will be asked to decide if the candidate is a good fit for the company and from their answers, you will determine whether they should be put to the next stage of interviews. The screening interviews should be done by the recruitment specialist in order to save time and make sure the correct people are being seen by the department manager. It is their job to make sure the right people are being put forward, and that their skill set matches your requirements. 

Improve the Retention of Staff

As well as helping with recruiting staff into the business, some recruitment specialists are there to put in place strategies that will reduce your staff turnover. They may assess how the company interacts with their staff on a day to day basis and put in place changes that they think will not only improve the staff morale but help develop the business altogether. The idea of these changes is to make the workplace a more appealing place to be, therefore reducing the likelihood of your team members wanting to move on.

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