What is Digital Employee Experience and Why It is Important?

What is Digital Employee Experience and Why It is Important?

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) reflects the quality of interaction between the users and the technology in a work environment. The coronavirus pandemic has forced the workforce of the world to move to a remote workplace. So, while people are working from home, effective IT tools are required to improve the digital employee experience. However, to have an end-to-end view of everything in your work environment that affects the productivity and digital employee experience of the organization, you should have clear visibility and control over user experience metrics and the physical endpoints of your users.

How to Enable a Frustration-Free Digital Employee Experience?

Happy employees and an issue-free working environment is the key to having a better digital employee experience. Therefore, IT professionals should be able to view the infrastructure comprehensively from VDI and applications to physical endpoints. Real-Time Optimization and Proactive Synthetic Testing helps professionals to check environmental issues and the experience of the users.

Proactive Synthetic Monitoring:

Proactive synthetic monitoring helps to check and report the availability of your VDI desktops, EUC virtual apps, and network and web-based resources from a single place. As this testing will alert you about the availability of your desktops, apps, and network resources, you can find out the reasons behind the availability issues and address the issues even before your end-user becomes aware of the issues. Therefore, your end-users do not have to face any issue and you will have end-to-end visibility through this testing. This testing helps the end-users stay happy and productive.

Real-Time Optimization:

Real-time optimization helps an organization enhance the digital experience across cloud, virtual, & physical endpoints in real-time. This optimization helps to remediate problems that are unique to the applications and virtual desktops of certain users. Therefore, it is important to monitor the EUC environment in order to collect the metrics in real-time so that you can detect, troubleshoot, and remediate the problems before the problems can affect the productivity and digital experience of your employees. Through real-time monitoring, you can look at your environment including server, VDI, etc. in real-time and you can keep things as they should be so that your users stay frustration-free and productive.

End-User Support:

Providing effective end-user support is difficult due to the complexity and breadth of the technologies in the VDI environment of an organization. However, a solid user experience is crucial for the success of an organization. Therefore, the help desk personnel should provide all types of support including interactive chat, user session shadowing, etc. to the end-users in order to help them handle the problems.

The Importance of Digital Employee Experience:

The Digital Employee Experience (DEX) helps an organization to conduct its activities from remote places. This also makes the users or employees happy and productive. Therefore, the digital employee experience enhances the productivity of an organization. You can identify the issues of your environment before the end-users can recognize the issues. Therefore, you can always provide solutions for the problems before the end-users ask you. Above all, you will have end-to-end visibility of your working environment.

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