What Is Retrograde & The Meaning For Each Rx Planet, Per Astrology – YourTango

Plus what you should do when each planet goes rx.

When someone says a planet is in retrograde, what do they really mean?

You probably have heard about Mercury’s retrograde, but there are ten other planets in astrology.

The Sun and Moon don’t go retrograde, but Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus also have a retrograde season. Sometimes each year, and others every other year.

Retrograde motion is an apparent change in a planet in its journey through the sky.

If a planet appears to be moving backwards, it could be in retrograde.

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Emphasis on the word ‘appears.’ A planet can’t actually move backwards during its orbit.

Sometimes it can appear to do so because of the position it is in relative to the Earth. So, no worries – the Earth will never actually move backwards.

In astrology, retrograde season can bring about a ton of emotional and physical awakenings, while also creating some turmoil in our lives.


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