What is SEO Audit?

What is SEO Audit?

To prepare a proper SEO strategy, first you have to analyze your website and correct all potential mistakes. This process is called a SEO Audit. What exactly does it involve and how to do it right? Let’s check all the answers!

What’s the Purpose of a SEO Audit?

A SEO audit is supposed to identify any occurring issues that can affect your website’s organic search. The problems may relate to technical SEO, on-page SEO, website structure, off-site activities, user experience, content, and competitive marketplace. A thorough audit will indicate all of the issues in a simple, comprehensive manner.

How Should a SEO Audit Look Like?

A professional SEO audit should contain valuable information on both structure and content of the website. It should mention every component that affects a search engine visibility. As a complex analysis, it has to be easy to understand, so every business owner will be able to seamlessly translate the issues into the language of a company’s goals, priorities, and marketing plans. Professional SEO agencies like prepare simple, intelligible recommendations that can be readily implemented to company’s actions.

SEO audits are usually elaborate and take much time to be done precisely and in detail. Although it typically depends on a website’s size, completing an audit may last even up to 6 weeks. It’s a responsible job that involves an in-depth investigation and it has to be done one hundred percent correctly to show the desired results. It should also be matched with a website’s structure, business characteristics, and client’s expectations.

What Does a SEO Audit Analyze?

Although not all SEO audits look the same, each of them contains a specific group of indispensable elements, e.g. analysis of metadata, sitemaps, and server errors. An extensive technical part of an audit pays attention to: page speed, redirects, indexation, URL structure, mobile and off-page analysis, Robots.txt, duplication, crawlability, and much more.

On-page audit analyzes the structure of site’s content, keyword use and research, user experience, images and videos, internal linking, and a sitemap. All the information gathered during an insightful audit can be helpful while implementing proper SEO solutions.

Can We Do an SEO Audit Ourselves?

It’s not impossible to do a complex audit ourselves, but it may be a bit challenging. It requires not only special knowledge and skills, but also a set of usable SEO tools that can cost us a fortune. SEO agencies usually have access to all the necessary programs and use them on a regular basis. It’s one thing to pay for such a service and another to use it knowingly to achieve a certain goal.

A professional SEO agency will prepare an exhaustive, understandable analysis to show all the essential alterations your website needs. It can also offer you a certain plan to let your business grow and get even higher in the search engine list. It’s up to you which path you choose but a professional SEO audit shouldn’t be a service you economize on.

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