What is the Differences in Developing for Android vs iOS

When choosing a smartphone or tablet, you are essentially choosing not so much between different manufacturing companies, but rather between two different philosophies. It just so happened that the concept of a smartphone or tablet is completely embedded not so much in its hardware platform as in its software. On the market today, you only have a choice between two operating systems: Android from Google or iOS from Apple. Overall, Android carries the DNA of Linux and is partially open source. This made Android so popular. Apple iOS is a closed mobile operating system is also close and can only be installed on Apple products.

What is the Differences in Developing for Android vs iOS

Programming Language of iOS App vs Android App

Mac development, despite the fact that Apple computers were not very popular (especially after Windows PCs took 90% of the market), has always attracted incredibly talented and tenacious developers for whom the words “design” and “user experience” were not empty words … In addition, the OS X community included not only Mac users, but also former NexT adepts. The talent level unfortunately never matched the market share taken. Most of these amazing developers didn’t just want their own iPhones and iPads. They wanted to create their own iOS apps.

Of course, there are many developers in the App Store who have no previous experience with Macs: this includes game developers and many developers inspired by the popularity of the system. But if you look closely, it turns out that the lion’s share of the best and most interesting applications (from Tweetbot to Letterpress) were created by those who previously worked at Apple or created software for the Mac, those who are not at all interested in creating programs for other platforms.

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Development on Android is strikingly different from iOS, its SDK is based on java, which accordingly lowers the skill and skill threshold of developers. Unlike Cocoa on the Mac, java’s legacy doesn’t include design sophistication or awesome user experience. It is primarily based on a multi-platform interface that people are forced to use instead of making any choice. Android developers while making game app are talented, some may be brilliant, but they don’t have the cultural baggage that Mac developers have.

Development Environment

Android 2.3 Gingerbread is te most unstable version. For this version the overall crash rate for is 1.7%.

IOS 7.0 was unstable 1.7% of the time. In earlier versions, this ratio went up to 2.5%.

Application stability depends on the category. So, create a game app most often crash (4.4% of cases). Most stable online shopping apps (0.7% only). It should be noted that the coefficient of instability of applications is the same for both operating systems.

System-specific Design Differences

In both systems which are in the center of attention are uses famous touch-based interfaces. While the user is interacting with the interface, there are a lot of the common of them. In both versions there is a desktop with application icons and resembles the operating systems for the desktop. Here, however, there are some differences of android vs ios development. For example, the iOS desktop has significantly more app icons than Android. But the Android desktop supports widgets, which iOS cannot boast of. At the top of the screen on both operating systems, the user will find a status bar where you can see the battery charge, mobile network signal, and new notification icons.

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Development Complexity

IOS development is extremely easy in design a game app. Excellent documentation from Apple. The community is quite well developed. At times, Interface Builder dramatically reduces development time.

The pitfall is the availability of a macOS device for development, but some code on virtual machines or are perverted even more trenchantly.

Perhaps for some, the pitfall is paying $ 99 per year to publish applications in the AppStore.

Perhaps for someone the pitfall is the process of publishing applications in the AppStore itself.

From a technical Swift point of view, the language + XCode IDE covers almost all the necessary needs for efficient and fast development for iOS.

Google Play Market vs App Store

There are far fewer iOS devices than Android (19.91% versus 73.54% of the market; 2017 data).

App Store is more attractive financial. So the answer on the question how to make game app is always individual.

Google Play Market vs App Store

There are far fewer iOS devices than Android (19.91% versus 73.54% of the market; 2017 data).

App Store is more attractive financially, iOS users are more solvent.

The audience is different in behavior. This is reflected in search queries.

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