The Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturers Association or the MCRMA is a body that was formed in 1990 to organize and standardize the metal cladding and roofing industry. It was formed to support system manufacturers in the roofing and metal cladding sector to improve their operations by offering them the resources that include safety and specific guidance, material guide and regulations regarding the use and installation of systems and products.

The aim of MCRMA is to work closely with several industry bodies and Standards Committees to develop best practices for maintaining and building envelope solutions and ensure that all the members operate only the highest standards at all times.

MCRMA Membership

If you work in the metal cladding industry in the UK then you can benefit a lot as an MCRMA member. However, there are some prerequisites for membership. MCRMA membership is open only for those companies who comply and operate according to the MCRMA Membership Charter. The charter is a documentation of the principles and philosophy that the leading manufacturers, industry consultants and component suppliers operate on.

Members of MCRMA are regarded as the premier supplier of goods and services for the metal building envelope industry. The members are also known for their authority in the sector and for having unequalled knowledge of the metal cladding sector.

If you think you have all these qualifications, then you can reap these benefits as an MCRMA member.

Benefits of MCRMA Membership

The MCRMA membership can open up a whole new sphere of business and markets for your company. As a member you have access to a comprehensive range of MCRMA guidance documents to be used by the practitioners and specifiers that helps them to build products to be used in the metal building envelope systems that are manufactured for non-domestic sector.

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MCRMA memberships make you eligible to participate in scheduled technical conferences that let your company be part of the conversations regarding the important industry topics with the experts and professional organisations that can enhance your business. It is an opportunity to make connections and expand beyond the conventional metal cladding markets. Also, quarterly members’ meetings help you discuss any technical or industry matters with your peers. The speakers in the conferences and meetings are experts from industry who have in-depth knowledge of the topics and issues associated with the non-domestic construction such as sustainability, legislation, regulation, specifications, statistics and materials and coating technology.

You also get access to the Constructions Products Association or CPA technical team and learn more about the underlying engineering principles and innovations going on in the metal cladding industry. You also get access to the members-only website and industry statics.

MCRMA members also receive ad hoc reports and whole industry statistics and trends on an annual basis. These reports have important instructions and stats for system manufacturers. You also get access to individual technical focus groups that focus on specific industry sectors such as safety lines, sustainability and rain screen.

Services for Members

However, as an MCRMA member, there are certain services that are expected from you. As a member, it will be your responsibility to keep your company’s profile page updated for every other member.

Update with latest news and developments and direct links to your company’s website.

Contribute to the MCRMA site by offering featured articles that can be published in the industry journals.

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Publish case studies and projects that can help other members to learn and improve their services.

MCRMA is a body that brings the biggest names in the metal roofing and cladding materials industry together under one roof. It aims at educating suppliers and manufacturers about the best industry practices, sustainability, environmental issues that arise during procurement, delivery and waste disposal of the materials and help them minimize the impact on the environment.

For any query, resource or case study you can reach the MCRMA site at Here you will find high-quality downloadable materials, reports and statistics. There are resources for sectors like rain-screen, rooflight, rural & agricultural and safety lines. For installers too, there are dedicated resources available to educate them about the best industry practices.

Hope this information cleared all your questions regarding the Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturers Association (MCRMA).


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