What Separates Dov Katz and 2130 Labs from other Companies?

What Separates Dov Katz and 2130 Labs from other Companies?

What Sets 2130 Labs and You Apart from other Companies?

I have an extraordinarily strong technological background: I have a doctorate in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Postdoctoral Fellowship at one of the three best universities in the world (CMU – Carnegie Mellon University), an early employee of the Oculus company acquired by Facebook, has experience in leading a number of technology ventures.

The current company which I lead deals with mental health through herbal-based medicine therapy (including cannabis) and using the dedicated hardware we are currently developing as well as the algorithmic AI that tailors the treatment to each individual.

Who are You Mr. Dov Katz? Tell us a Little More About Yourself.

My name as mentioned above is Dov Katz, I currently live in Ramat Hasharon, Israel, I am married + 3 children and one more girl on the way. I work with a start-up company in Israel where I am its leader in the field of medical equipment/herbal medicine. Professionally, I have extensive experience in leading companies and technological teams, with expertise in the fields of robotics, AI, and computer vision. I am a big picture person but with the technical ability to get down to the last detail. I enjoy building teams and helping people grow and realize their true professional potential.

What is Your Goal with 2130 Labs as a Company?

As the natural medicine market, albeit it is a multibillion dollar a year market, offers a lot of good will, but it uses truly little science and little to no technology. Therefore, our goal is to make that change, use both science and technology together with all the natural ingredients, and create tailor made products to individuals who suffer from sleep disorders, insomnia, depression, eating disorders and so much more, by using robotics and artificial intelligence and using precise and accurate doses to create the natural substance.

Mr. Dov Katz, Where Do You Currently Offer Your Services?

We currently work only in Israel, but we are planning to expand into North America in the coming years and thereafter we plan to expand into Europe, which will be our first markets outside of Israel.

Is There Anything Else You would like to Add to this Article?

Currently not as I feel as if I have answered all the questions that you asked.

If you want to know more about Dov Katz’sand the work he’s done, check out his professional bio here or his LinkedIn profile.

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