What Should you Look Out before you Buy Contents Insurance?

What should you look out before you buy contents insurance?

Contents insurance is a very useful type of insurance to have, which you can buy at the website of if you are Dutch. It will cover your possessions if they get damaged. This way the insurance company will pay for the damages instead of you. You are not required to buy contents insurance, but it is definitely advised in most cases. If you want to get one, it is smart to compare all options at Diks. When comparing the insurances, please look out for the things below.


Often you will get lured in by discounts and ads for the contents insurance deals. Sometimes you are then caught out by the renewal prices, these can namely be quite steep. Usually your renewal price may seem a bit more expensive since the insurance company will compare the new cost with your initial quote. However, with the initial quote the discounts were not applied. So this is not actually what you were paying for the contents insurance. This way you will pay much more when you decide to renew the contract.


When you are comparing the contents insurances you should also look out for providers that give you the possibility to pay in monthly instalments in order to keep your immediate costs lower. In the short term this is a great option. However, usually these insurance companies will be charging you interest as well. Due to this, paying in monthly instalments will actually be more expensive than paying for the entire year at once. Obviously this is not always possible due to a limited budget.

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If you get the cheapest contents insurance deal, the provider may charge you a lot of money to change your policy. You should really look for this, although sometimes this is quite easy. If a company does not charge you anything to make changes, they will of course proudly advertise with this massive benefit. On the other hand, if the insurance provider does charge you it will be quite hard to find out how much your costs will be. 

Expensive items

If you are the owner of some high-value objects, it could be smart to get a quote with and without these items included. This way you can see how much these products will be pushing up your premium. It namely could be the case that the expensive items will lead to very steep costs. By getting both quotes you can see if standalone insurance for something particularly valuable can be the best way. 

What is the Best Contents Insurance for You?

So now you know what you should look out for before you are going to buy a contents insurance, it is time to compare your options. It is impossible to precisely say which option is the best one for you, since it all depends on your personal set up. On top of that, it also depends on which items you want to cover. 

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